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Exclusive Line - HydroDionne

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Ongrok Botanical Infuser - LargeOngrok Botanical Infuser - Large
Ongrok Decarboxylation KitOngrok Decarboxylation Kit
Ongrok Botanical Infuser - SmallOngrok Botanical Infuser - Small
Ongrok Mini Mold KitOngrok Mini Mold Kit
Ongrok Ongrok Mini Mold Kit
$18.99 CAD
In stock
Ongrok Drying Net - 3 LayerOngrok Drying Net - 3 Layer
Ongrok Drying Net - 6 LayerOngrok Drying Net - 6 Layer
Ongrok Colour-Coded Hygrometer (6 / Pk)
Rayonled GLMF720W LED UV Grow LightRayonled GLMF720W LED UV Grow Light
Photontek X 600W Pro LED Grow LightPhotontek X 600W Pro LED Grow Light
PHOTOBIO MX 680W 100-277V S4 spectrum w/ iLOC, (no cord)PHOTOBIO MX 680W 100-277V S4 spectrum w/ iLOC, (no cord)