315W Cmh Fixture

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  • Reflector Dimension: (L*W*H) 20"*20"*10"
  • Reflective Material: Fixture has 98% reflective Italian Vega Aluminum insert and 95% reflective textured corners for excellent output, uniformity and diffusion to ensure high yield; PGZ18 lamp socket.
  •  Built-in 315W Digital Ballast: Made of quality components to deliver a high intensity and full spectrum output, operates on 120/240V / 50-60Hz, and comes with 120V power cord & 120V/240V adapter.
  • Energy-efficient & Low Consumption: Compared with traditional HPS or MH lamps, 315W CMH grow lamps produce an equivalent amount of light at about half wattage; Upgraded air ventilation design ensures low heat output.
  • Design: Multiple light fixtures (Max. FOUR Fixtures) can be used in series according to different environment.
  • Coverage Area: VIVOSUN recommends using this unit to cover an area of approx. 9 square feet during vegetative growth and approx. 6 square feet during the bloom phase.
  • This grow light fixture is ideal for both primary & supplemental grow lighting applications, perfect for small spaces, such as, grow tent, closet, spare rooms, etc..

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