Autopot 9 Pots System Kit With Flexitank 100 L

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AutoPot 9 Pots System Kit w/ Flexitank 100L - 25 gallon is an automatic and extendable self-watering system.

The ingenuity of the AutoPot 9 Pots System Kit w/ Flexitank 100L is based on its patented "Aquavalve" valve system. Thanks to this revolutionary valve, the autopot can feed your plants for several weeks without the help of an electric pump or a timer.

AutoPot 9 Pots System Kit w/ Flexitank 100L - 25 gallon :

- Operated by gravity pressure

- Easy to use in all environmental conditions

- Increase yields and reduce consumption of water

- Most environmentally friendly watering systems in the world

- No loss of water, run-off or leakage

- Easy to extend and modify

- No need of power, pump or timer to operate !

- Ideal for all type of gardeners, professional or not

Detailed description:

Available sizes : 4 Pots + 47L tank, 6 Pots + 47L tank, 9 Pots + 100L tank

Package Includes :

1x 94,6L (25 gal) FlexiTank

1x 12,7mm (½) click-fit tank adaptor & filter

1x 5,7m (19ft) of 12,7mm (½) pipe

2x 12,7mm (½) in-line tap

1x 12,7mm (½) tee connector

3x 12,7mm (½) - 6mm (¼) tee connector

3x 12,7mm (½) - 6mm (¼) cross connector

9x 1Pot trays & lids

9x 14,7L (3.9 gal) pot

9x AQUAvalve

1x 4,5m (15ft) of 6mm (¼) pipe

9x Root Control Disc

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