Bokashi Pro-Gro Fermented Fertilizer

$39.95 CAD


My Good Green™ Bokashi Pro-Gro is an organic, high-quality soil amendment that was developed to help replenish your soil.

Bokashi Pro-Gro™ will give your soil everything necessary to create a sustainable microecology that will continue to feed the soil, and in turn your crops without the need for additional chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.

You’ll see healthier plants with increased nutrient density, increased flavour, colour and yield, increased uptake of organic matter and reduced watering and nutrient costs. Plus, the runoff is beneficial to the environment.

  • Increase nutrient density
  • Increase flavour, colour & yield
  • Increase uptake of organic matter
  • Increase Brix
  • Reduce nutrient costs
  • Environmentally beneficial
  • Healthier plants

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