Budjuice - Grow 2-14-0 Organic Fertilizer Bone Meal Based Phosphorus


$22.99 CAD


Maximize your plant growth, with a focus on root development, stem strength with BudJuice - Grow, an organic, fishbone based, fertilizer designed for slow release applications. 

Keep your soil organically enriched for the remainder of the growing season.

  • Rich in Phosphorus
  • Rich in Calcium
  • Rich in Magnesium
  • Rich in Nitrate
  • Deep green leaves - Promotes Microbial Growth - Perfect for indoor growing  
  • Perfect for all stages of growth  
  • Accelerated growth - Zero harmful additive  
  • Overall healthier disease resistant plant - naturally higher yields and overall value  
  • Increased potency’s - Larger number of flowers

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