BudTrainer BudClips LST Training Clips

$18.95 CAD


Training cannabis plants has its obvious values: increased airflow and light exposure, which leads to more photosynthesis, fewer pests, and ultimately, larger and fatter colas. 

But training cannabis plants is a huge pain in the ass. From tying branches down with tomato wires to supporting entire plants with bamboo stakes, most old-fashioned techniques require a lot of time and skill. 

That's why we created the BudClips™: for those who want to get huge yields at home but are either lazy like us or simply inexperienced. If you don't want to spend your time and effort training cannabis plants or learning how to, then the BudClips are for you!


"The BudClips are a 'no-brainer' for home growers who want to get large yields at home, with zero effort"


Designed by mechanical engineers, the BudClips™ are not only extremely strong, but they are also super lightweight and ergonomic for your plants. We made them this way because conventional LST clips have sharp edges and can hurt your plants more than help them.

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