Fhd Nutradip Growboss Ph / T° / Nutrient Monitor

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$440 CAD


The GrowBoss is a constant monitoring meter that indicates to the grower the exact levels of Nutrient strength, pH and temperature.

Display readings are push button selectable via the front keypad toggling between temperature readings in Fahrenheit & Celsius, as well Nutrient Scales including NaCl, 442, and EC.

GrowBoss Nutrient Monitoring System includes:
  • The GrowBoss Display / Plant friendly with high visibility LED
  • MIN / MAX indicators
  • Nutradip pH Probe
  • Nutradip Temperature / EC Probe
  • Nutradip Power Adaptor
  • Easy Mount Wall Bracket
  • Nutradip Calibration Solution
    Nutradip Calibration Solution pH 4 125 ml / 4 oz. bottle
    Nutradip Calibration Solution pH 7 125 ml / 4 oz. bottle
    Nutradip Calibration Solution PPM/EC/TDS 125 ml / 4 oz. bottle


Product Code: 72323

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