GRODAN GRO-SLAB 20 / 75 8"X36"X3'' (box of 12)

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Most plants can grow in Gro-Slabs but they are particularly good for growing large vine crops such as tomatoes or cucumbers.
For plants growing outdoors during mid-day sun Gro-Slabs provide a good water buffer.

The 12” Gro-Slab is considered a wet slab due to its horizontal fibers.
It holds more water than other slabs and can support more plants than any stone wool slab.
The rest of the Gro-Slabs are all comprised of vertical fibers, which allow for faster drainage and a drier slab.

Detailed description:

- Gro-Slabs : GRO-SLAB 8"
- Size of Inches : 8” x 3” x 36”
- Slabs/Pack : 12

Package includes:

12x Grodan GRO-SLAB 20 / 75 8"X36"X3''

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