Growonix Slim Scrub 2 Gpm

$342.95 CAD


A step up from the Mini-SCRUB. The Slim-SCRUB with its higher capacity filters, removes 99% of chlorine and 90% of sediment from the feed water. The Slim-SCRUB is ideal for a wide range of uses and boasts a remarkable flow rate of 2 GPM, that's 120 gallons per hour!

The Slim-SCRUB flows fast enough to operate a garden hose sprayer, making it perfect for water outdoor gardens. The Slim-SCRUB is ideal for those who add expensive beneficial biological organisms to their grow media. The Slim-SCRUB ensures that the complex microbiology flourishing in the grow media will not be destroyed by harmful chlorine.

For those with tap water that contains chloramine, the Slim-SCRUB can be upgraded with a KDF/CAT carbon filter.



  • Scrub out 99% of chlorine
  • Scrub out 90% of sediment
  • Filter capacity of 16,000 gallons
  • 2 gallons per minute flow rate
  • 5 microns sediment filter
  • Eco coconut carbon filter
  • Wall Mountable

Brass garden hose connection included

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