Hanna Hi 98107 Phep Ph / T° Tester (Red)

$79.95 CAD


pHep pH Tester

• Waterproof
• Extractable cloth junction to extend pH electrode life
• Built in temperature sensor for Automatic Temperature Compensated measurements
• Automatic one or two-point calibration
•  Stability indicator
•  Low battery indicator
•  Two-Button operation

With  a  renewable  cloth  junction,  the  pHep has an extended  life over  typical pH  testers.

A normal  junction  clogs  with  use  over  time and  a  typical  tester would  normally  have  to be  thrown  away  once  the  junction  becomes contaminated.

The  junction  is 2  cm  long and when dirty, can be pulled out to expose a fresh section to effectively renew the pHep’s life.

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