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Using premium phosphorus and potassium to support the plant in the final stage of reproductive growth, Top Booster 0 - 0.7 - 0.6 is an innovative product that provides available and soluble nutrients to enhance floral production. Top Booster’s nutrients support key plant processes required for adapting to a changing light environment, when upward growth is arrested, and all energy and nutrients are directed to the flowering sites. With this floral nutrient supplement to reinforce the flowering process, the plant will be able to support vigorous flower growth and achieve higher quality yields. This sets the stage for products like Shooting Powder/Top Shooter and Bud-XL to maximize the yield of your high quality flowers.
Disclaimer: Top Booster works in all growing media and contains no dyes, synthetic PGRs, or detectible heavy metals.  In order to maximize activity and shelf life, sealed bottles and containers should be stored between 45 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit (7 to 29 degrees Celsius) and should be used within one year of opening the seal.

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