Hydrologic Flowmaster 3/8'' for TallBoy & EvolutionRO 1000

HydrologicSKU: 143248

$118.95 CAD


HydroLogic Flowmaster 3/8" for TallBoy & EvolutionRO 1000

-Gallonage & filter capacity monitor.
-Operates at flow rates between 0.2-2.0 GPM.
-Accurately tracks the number of gallons of filtered water produced and alerts you when it’s time to change your filters.
-Also shows real time flow rates.
-Displays in gallons or liters.

For use with: 

Evolution-RO1000, Tall Boy and Merlin-Garden Pro or most RO and filter systems with 3/8" fittings and flow rates up to 2 GPM

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