Hydrologic Evolution-Ro1000 Gpd Reverse Osmosis

HydrologicSKU: 143202

$1,659.95 CAD


The Evolution Reverse Osmosis System is a tankless RO system featuring on-demand, continuous-flow water production.

 With no storage tank to fill, the reverse osmosis unit does not run until RO water is needed. 
The Evolution RO unit features a patented high-production, low-energy membrane to purify between 700 and 1500 gal. of water per day, depending on your water conditions. That is more than 50 times the output of typical home RO products. That means the Evolution provides commercial water production at the price of a residential system--a new opportunity in light duty commercial applications


-Evolution collection
-New patented RO technology that fits nicely under the kitchen sink
-Suited for light commercial applications
-Provides clean and refreshing water for drinking and cooking (including ice applications)

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