Liquidab 30 Ml

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Herbs, Oil, extracts and waxes, but no way to vape? We have your solution!

Make all of your essences vape-able with Liquidab! The perfect E-juice suspender for home mixology.

Not happy with the E-juices at your local store? Can`t ­find that perfect mixture? Here is your chance to mix your own!

Liquidab is the perfect Polyglycol blend, specially designed to suspend any of your herbal material in a customized vape-able liquid.

All of our products are blended in Canadian laboratories by our mixologists  to ensure premium quality.

Liquidab is a universal base for all oil and water soluble herbal matter.

Whether you want to suspend natural flavor extracts from the grocery store (vanilla, lemon, mint etc.) or other personal herbal essences,  Liquidab is the best way to produced your own E-Juices.

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