Mag Drive Supreme Classic 5 500 Gph Pump

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Mag-Drive 5 Utility Pump (500 gph) is an utility pump used by many saltwater aquarist as a return pump from a sump to the main tank.

It is a magnetically driven centrifugal water pump.
It has no seal to wear and contains no oil.
This pump can be used submerged or inline.
Inline means connections are made directly to the pump inlet and outlet ports which have ½ NPT threads.
All electrical parts are encapsulated in epoxy.
The energy consumption of this pump is 1/2 of regular driven pumps.
A prefilter is provided for use in situation where deposits in the water could clog or damage the pump like in our sump.

Detailed description:

- Complete Mag-Drive 5 Pump with prefilter and 6 foot power cord
- Inlet : ½ NPT (female)
- Outlet : ½ NPT (male)
- Power consumption : 45W
- Flow Rate : 500 gph @ 0ft
- Max Head : 10ft
- 3 years warranty (1 year on impeller and other moving parts)

Package includes:

1x Mag-Drive Supreme Classic 5 500 gph Pump

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