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Optimum Hydroponix® Silicate MAX is a concentrated jelly form of potassium silicate (K2Si) which is to be added to a nutrient solution* to provide supplemental silicon and potassium. Silicate Max must be pre-diluted before adding to a nutrient solution mix

Applying silicon has been shown to enhance plant growth and increase tolerance to environmental stresses such as cold, heat or drought-like conditions by helping to reinforce plant cell walls. Especially useful in hydroponic applications where adequate supplies of silicon are not readily available.

Shake well before use.

Never add Optimum Hydroponix® Silicate MAX directly to a nutrient concentrate; add only to the final nutrient solution.

Adjust pH levels to around 5.8. \

Hydroponics: Mix 7.5 ml of Optimum Hydroponix® Silicate MAX per 20 litres of nutrient solution.

Soil/Coco Media Applications: Mix 0.20 ml of Optimum Hydroponix® Silicate MAX per litre of water (or 4 ml per 20L) with every watering.

Note: It is suggested that the recommended application rates for this concentrate be pre-dissolved in a small amount of room temperature water before adding to a nutrient solution.

Guaranteed Analysis

Soluble Potash (K20) - 8.0%
Silicon dioxide (SiO2) - 20.8%

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