Rhizopot Fabric Pots With Handles

Size: 1 Gallon (10 Pack)
$27.95 CAD


The RhizoPot fabric pots are an efficient, long-lasting, eco-friendly alternative to the widely used plastic and clay potting containers. Once you go with the RhizoPot fabric planter, you’ll see your plants grow faster and healthier while providing higher yields.

There are many reasons why the RhizoPot fabric grow bags outperform plastic pots. One of them is their porosity, allowing air to penetrate the root zone and provide much-needed oxygen to the roots, enhancing your plant’s absorption of nutrients.

The RhizoPot grow bags are made from a durable, porous, non-woven material and are assembled through industrial stitching. You can lay the pots flat or folded, requiring reasonably small storage space. Most urban farming or commercial growing methods benefit from the RhizoPot fabric pots. They are fitted for drip-feeding, ebb and flow, wick, manual, and more.

The 1 Gallon RhizoPot is ideal for single plants, like peppers, or a pair of small plants, like herbs or flowers.

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