Schultz Orchid Liquid Plant Food (15-5-5)

$5.95 CAD


Schultz Orchid Liquid Plant Fertilizer 15-5-5 150g

Excellent for all varieties of Orchids. Feeding with Schultz Orchid Liquid Plant Food gives you the joy of knowing your Orchids are fed every time you water them. Fertilizing with each watering eliminates the need to remember when you last fed your plants

Easy-to-use liquid plant food with vital micronutrients your orchid needs.

  • Just 7 drops per quart of water.
  • Easy-to-measure dropper.
  • Specially formulated for orchid plant requirements.
  • Concentrated 15-5-5 formula with micro nutrients.
  • High in nitrogen formula encourages re-bloom after rest period.

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