Smart Pot #5 5 Gal / 19 L 12" / 30 Cm

$8.99 CAD


SMART POT #5 5 GAL / 19 L 12" / 30 CM 

Geotextile gardening bags


 • Maximum ventilation

 • Prevents root “spiraling”

 • More dense and efficient root webbing

 • Excellent drainage

 • No overheating as in traditional pots


 • Available in all formats (1 to 200 gal)

 • New designs available: Wall bag, handrail, cone shaped, semi-sphere and rectangular for vegetable production

 • For all places: production, nurseries, greenhouses, balconies, roof gardens, cultivation surfaces, walls, handrailings, etc.

 • For all crops: vegetables, flowers, herbs, fruits, trees, etc.

Easy to use

 • Can stand outdoors in winter

 • Sturdy, 5 to 10 year lifespan

 • Convenient handles to carry them

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