Stealth Ventilation In-Line Fan 120V 8" 720Cfm

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Stealth Ventilation 8” in-line fan models are popular amongst growers with vast grow spaces or large grow tents. To ensure full continuous air exchange, we recommend measuring the dimensions of your space to calculate your required CFM and establish an appropriate match. The CFM of your Stealth in-line garden fan should be slightly higher than needed to ensure your configuration will not limit any airflow to your plants.

Stealth Ventilation systems allow growers to easily achieve an optimal yield by creating a slightly negative pressure and vacuum around their plants. This pressure will cause heat and humidity to be removed from the room faster as fresh air is drawn in. A small negative pressure can be established through a passive or active intake set up. Sealed grow tents and grow spaces smaller than 4x4 will usually not require an intake fan to create negative pressure as air will enter passively through a low un-powered vent hole. Larger grow tents and spaces will require an active configuration with both an exhaust fan and an intake fan. Choosing a stronger exhaust fan (one size up with a slightly higher CFM rating) than your added intake fan will do the job. An active system can protect your exhaust fan from overworking. For gardeners that prefer a passive system with a large grow tent, it is important to select a tent that is specifically designed with multiple duct holes for this purpose. Establishing a slight negative pressure (active or passive system) can be precisely calibrated using the SpeedMaster fan speed controller.

  • Durable Ceramic-Coated Bearings
  • Components made from industrial-grade steel for easy maintenance
  • Heavy-duty molded impeller
  • Thermally Protected AC Motor
  • Speed controllable (requires
  • All Stealth Ventilation in-line fans are independently tested and ETL certified
  • Metal housing, mounting brackets and 8ft 120V cord included
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Frequency: 60Hz
  • Amps: 1.83
  • Power Input: 215W
  • RPM: 3000
  • CFM: 720
  • Noise: 69 dB
  • Static Pressure: 813 pa
  • Warranty: 5 years
Dimensions & weight
  • Unit Dimensions: 7.99” L x 6.69” W x 15.35” H
  • Shipping Box Dimensions: 15.83” L x 113.5” W x 10.71” H
  • Unit Weight: 13.89 lbs
  • Shipping Box Weight: 9.11 lbs

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