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Product Code: 75535

This is the original manual version of the Tumbletrimmer® trimming machine which was first introduced by us in 2004.
Often imitated but never equaled, this is the first trimming machine of its kind!

It is affordable, easy to transport and can process an amazing amount of plant material in the shortest possible time.
A great investment for every hobby gardener.
Through years of improvements and the simple manual driving mechanism, the machine is practically indestructible.
Being manually operated, it can be used anywhere, including outdoor gardens where electricity isn't readily available.

- Note : when the handle is removed, which is as easy as loosening a single screw, the midsection and lid can be placed upside down inside the receptacle, thus reducing the height by roughly 50%. This makes transport and storage even easier.

Recommended accessories :

- Electric lid with power supply unit and/or timer
- Cutting blade pack (one included)
- Cutting wire set (one included)

Detailed Description :

- Dimensions: length/width 41,5 cm, height 40 cm.

Package Includes :

1x tumbletrimmer MANUAL

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